Hi there :)! Marina here, so lovely to meet you!
I am a Spanish illustrator based in Cambridge, UK. I moved here to join the MA in Children’s Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art, and it was such a dreamy life-changing experience! That was a few years ago, but I decided to stay here!

In my work I always pay close attention to the little moments and interactions that happen in everyday life and I love creating small narratives around them. 
I really enjoy working with lyrical and abstract narratives and my ideas often take this shape naturally.

I LOVE printmaking, and I always try to bring those magic textures and yummy colour overlaps into my illustration work. 

In my free time, I’m happiest outdoors surrounded by nature and if you know some riddles you can keep me entertained for hours! Also, I think that there isn’t anything quite as magical as listening to live music! 

For any comissions contact Claire Cartey from HolroydeCartey at claire@holroydecartey.com

Instagram: @mandarina_ruiz